2010 Toyota Prius II 1.8L 4 cylinders

VIN# JTDKN3DU9A5201974

STOCK# 5722

  • 1.8
  • Auto
  • FWD
  • 108455
  • gas


  •   Cruise Control
  •   Alloy Wheels
  •   Hybrid
  •   2 Keys

The Toyota Prius is the #1 best selling hybrid of all time in the USA for 2 reasons: low cost of ownership and Toyota's best reputation in the USA for reliabliity.   Here's a low priced sedan that will not just save you  $$$ now, but every day when you drive for pennies per mile, with very low maintenance and repair costs.  Here's surprising thing that most people do not realize about hybrids:  Hybrids have 2 motors: the regular gas motor which requires spark plugs, pumps, coolant, air filters, oil, etc.  AND hybrids have an electric motor.  The electric motor never brakes, it requires no oil, no pumps, in fact, no maintenance whatsoever!  The electric motor does the heavy lifting for the gas motor so that the gas motor does not need to work so hard.  Because the gas motor is only doing the easy work, it does not wear out as quickly, does not need oil changed as frequently, and overall just performs better and lasts longer than the motors in non-hybrids.  Take advantage of the best price guarantee on the best selling smart hybrid in America.  -Brad

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