100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Our Guarantees



100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee
After buying a vehicle, you have 8 days to return it for a refund
Reasons you can return your purchase:
1. You've recently taken up walking everywhere you go.
2. Wife does not like to jump that high to get into the truck.
3. Any other reason.
The vehicle may not have more than 250 miles on the odometer from the time you purchased it. The vehicle must be delivered back to the dealership in the same condition it was in when you bought it.
Refunds will only be issued after your original payment for the vehicle has cleared our bank. Refunds will be given by business check.
You may choose to exchange your vehicle with another vehicle we have for sale (exchange may require re-approval from your lender if financing).
You must return the vehicle personally and have an inspection performed by Good Life Motors Nampa (GLMN) management prior to the 72 hours expiring. Any necessary mechanical and cosmetic reconditioning and/or damage repair will be determined by GLMN management, and deducted from the refund.
If you traded in a vehicle, the "actual cash value" (ACV) of the trade-in will be refunded, but we cannot return the trade-in vehicle. (Any “actual cash value” adjustments made to accommodate the trade-in will be readjusted in the event of a refund).
Any cost of work or any add-ons performed at the request of the buyer as a condition of the sale will be deducted from the refund amount.
*See dealer for more details. This guarantee does not apply to vehicles sold to out of State sales. Certain vehicles may be explicitly excluded from this guarantee, and will be clearly indicated as such on the Bill of Sale.

Lowest Price Guarantee

On average, we are more than $1000 BELOW our competition. We do this by having an efficient operation, careful buying practices, and low overhead. You WON'T find a better deal on a similar vehicle we're offering within 300 miles, or we will buy you a STEAK DINNER by giving you a $25 gift card to the Texas Roadhouse.
"Similar vehicle" means: same year, make, model, trim, relatively same condition and features with no more than 10% higher miles than ours. Must have similar Carfax value based on the Carfax history, and have no title brands. To claim your gift card, you must buy the better priced vehicle and bring it by Good Life Motors Nampa during business hours for GLMN staff to verify the similarity. You must show the purchase order to verify the total price of the vehicle including dealer fees. The vehicle must have been advertised for sale at a dealership within 300 miles of Good Life Motors Nampa at the same time our higher priced vehicle was advertised for sale.

We want to make as much money as possible. And we believe that the best way to maximize profits is to maximize the amount of value we bring to our society by creating a company where its very easy for our customers to say "yes". These two powerful guarantees (no risk and best price) make it easy to say "yes" so we can sell more cars, more easily. Great businesses create a win-win. The customer gets huge value, the business sells more product, and both have less hassle. That's the way we roll!

Happy Buying,
Brad Tibbs
Owner, Good Life Motors Nampa